Testimonies from the Gospel Move in Sabah (December 22-29, 2019) (3)

One of the burden of the gospel move this time is to preach the gospel of the kingdom to the uttermost part of the earth. Therefore, I also had the opportunity to go to one of the inlands, to a place called Punn Batu. Before we went Sabah, we were notified that we would be going to remote places and there is the need to make certain preparations. Some teams will be taking boat, some will hike, some will have to go jungle trekking, some will drive off-road. As it was rainy season, every team will face some risks to a certain degree. In my natural being, I am neither an outdoor nor adventurous person, and I secretly held some reservations and worried within my heart. But thank the Lord, He has purified me in the process. Matthew 5:8 says, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” It is the Lord who wants us to go. This reminded me to only have a single purpose. He wants us to go, then surely He will open the way for us, and surely He will be with us. Thank you Lord, and thank you saints for your petition, every team went out and came back peacefully. We give all the glory to God!

The propagation of the word, the ministry of the word is actually the ministry of food. We just want to go to minister the word of God to the people. In every village I went,people are willing to take out their savings to buy the spiritual books. One of the common question that they ask us repeatedly is: when are you coming again? Even though I couldn’t answer them immediately, but we have the opportunity today to minister the word of God as food to the people. Thank the Lord forgiving us opportunities. May the Lord gain us to seek His will pure-heartedly our whole lives.


In this entire gospel move, the deepest impression that I have is the coordination of the saints that was really pleasant. Whether those who would go deep into the inlands, or those who would go to the nearby villages, or those who would stay back to serve and to cook,the coordination was really sweet;no one despised their portion.

I went to Kg. Sikalabaan, a small village in Pensiangan, which was the hometown of one of our brothers. The journey was rough and difficult even for a four-wheel drive. This caused me to turn to the Lord and look to the Lord in every step that I take. Thank the Lord that our brother was a familiar person in the village and the villagers willingly helped our vehicles in and out of the village; one of them was later baptized. Without him, we would not be able to make it. I was touched when instead of sleeping with his family members, our brother chose to sleep with us and accompany us. This gospel move really blended us together.

In one of our trips, we went to Ulu Tomani and in a village where we were introducing the books, one villager said that this is food! Indeed it is! They were so happy to see the books and they were saying to each other that if they do not give this to their children and grandchildren, their children and grandchildren will blame it on them.Seeing their hunger for the word refreshed all of our spirits, and caused us to think how much we have missed in the word of God!

We all can testify that the gospel move is really a blending to all of us. Saints from all over Malaysia, closely coordinating with the local saints in Sabah for one week; this blending is bringing us into the direction of the practical existence of the one new man. Through all the difficulties in the journey that we went through together, the rejections that we faced, the prayers and fellowship together, the mutual care for one another, the fruits that were borne together, we learn how to treasure every member and their respective functions, and we also learn how to cover each other’s shortcoming that we would not be exposed to the enemy’s attack. Remembering the saints warms my heart to pray for each of them.