Campus Service

This is an age of education. In Taipei alone there are at least four to five thousand students in junior high school, high school, technical college, university, and graduate school. These campuses are fishing ponds for the gospel. There are also many brothers and sisters who are on these campuses either as students or as teachers and professors. This environment has been arranged by the Lord, and it gives us the best opportunity to gain the young students. We need to cooperate with the Lord’s work and preach His gospel to students before they enter society, that is, while they are still being educated in school.
The young people need God. If they never receive the Lord’s gospel or hear the Lord’s truth, the center of their human existence will not be strong. It is our responsibility that they hear the truth. We must pick up this responsibility and go to every junior high school, high school, technical college, university, and graduate school to ensure that the young people have the opportunity to know the Lord’s truth and receive His gospel while they are receiving their education. We must consecrate the entire church to the Lord for the campus work.
We hope that all the young brothers and sisters will consecrate themselves to the Lord and to the church after they graduate from college and give a minimum of two years in full-time service for the Lord’s work. During these two years they would be trained in reading the Bible, and they would also go out to the campuses to contact students and lead them to salvation. They would also serve the Lord in the church. After the two years of training, they will be able to see how the Lord is leading them. (Crucial Words of Leading in the Lord’s Recovery, Book 3: The Future of the Lord’s Recovery and the Building Up of the Organic Service, ch. 14)

Brothers’ and Sisters’ House

The brothers’ and sisters’ houses may also be used for edification and perfection. Many of the high school and college students are from out of town and need a place to live. The brothers’ and sisters’ houses would not only solve the matter of where to live, they would also serve the purpose of providing a place for mutual edification. (Vessels Useful to the Lord, ch. 2)

Praise the Lord! In response to the fellowship from our brother, we are blessed to establish a few brothers’ and sisters’ house within our locality, nearby to various campuses and colleges. Our intention in setting up these houses is to provide a sanctified environment for students to practice living the God-man living both individually and corporately. This is also the place where they can exercise to help and learn from each other, living the Body life, practicing the spiritual life while studying, which eventually will lead to their growth in life. We would strongly the young people to stay with us as this will be the best environment for them to be.

The following are some information about the location of our brothers’ and sisters’ house:

Brothers House  – Ehsan Ria Condominium
Address: Jalan Bukit 11/2, Seksyen 11, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Sisters House 1, 2 & 3 – University Tower
Address: Jalan Universiti, Seksyen 11, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.