Young Working Saints Service

Recently, I heard a saying that the working saints are the backbone of the church. I feel that this description is most appropriate. The working saints are the backbone of the church. When a man has trouble with his backbone, his whole body is in trouble. The older folks are especially careful to protect their backbones. The backbone is a very important part of a man’s body. In the same way, the working saints are very important in the new way in the Lord’s recovery. (Messages Given to the Working Saints, ch. 6)

Young People’s Work

The future of the Lord’s move and the spread of His recovery is altogether dependent on the next generation; the Lord needs the young people for the future of His recovery. Therefore, there is a great need for a group of young people who are saved to receive proper spiritual help, so that they can gain the necessary experience and be used by the Lord in the future. We see that the church needs the second generation, and the future of the church hinges on the young people, especially the young working saints. In response to this, the church in Petaling Jaya has been led by the Lord to begin the young working saints service group for the young people’s work since the year 2012.

The YWS service group practices the scriptural way to meet and to serve for the young people, for the building up of the Body of Christ.


  1. Weekly pursuing meetings at various homes on the Life Study Messages.
  2. Love feast meeting at various homes – currently once a fortnight.
  3. Weekly prayer meetings at Hall 1.
  4. Weekly fellowship meeting.


  1. Churching and blending trips to the churches overseas.
  2. Outing blending trips locally.
  3. Sports such as badminton.

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