Youth Service

Brother Witness Lee once said:

Unless there is a group of young people who are saved to receive proper spiritual help today, how can they gain the experience and be used by the Lord in the future? If there are no young people gained by the Lord today, after our departure there will be no one to succeed us. Then there will be a gap. (How to Lead the Young People, pp. 10, 14-15)

It is with this in view that we have our weekly youth meeting is on Saturday 7:30 p.m. - 9:15 p.m.. The burden for youth meeting is for them to come together and enjoy Christ. We use materials based on the messages of Brother Watchman Nee and Brother Witness Lee in the meeting for the corporate pursuit. The messages, if digested properly, would help the youths to be equipped with the truth, build up a habit of exercising their spirit, love Christ and the Church, grow in the divine life, and builded up in the Body of Christ.

If you are a Christian 13 - 17 years old, and are interested to learn the truths in the Bible, or if you are not a Christian but you want to know God, we welcome you to join us in the meetings.