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We must be built up as proper human beings. This is a matter of our character, that is, our behavior and habit. A person who has been properly built up is a right person with a right character. Today, many young people have been damaged with respect to their character. It is because of this that we have a children’s work for the children. We need to build up our children’s character. From their youth they must learn to honor their parents, love their brothers and sisters, and respect others. We do not need to give the young ones too much knowledge of the Bible. We should rather build them up with the proper ethics and morality that will constitute a proper character. (The Exercise and Practice of the God-Ordained Way, ch. 31)

Our Goal

To cultivate and nurture our next generation to be useful vessels for the continuation of God’s divine economy on the earth.



Age Range

Lesson Theme

1 (Toddler 2)

4-6 years old

God's Creation

Man is God's Creation

2 (Junior 1)

7-9 years old

Relationships in God's Creation

The Ten Commandments

God's Calling in the Old Testament

The Person and Life of the Lord Jesus Christ

3 (Junior 2)

10-11 years old

Introduction of Character

Children of the Heavenly Father

Life Practices

Fighting for the Good Land

God's calling in the New Testament

The Person and Life of the Lord Jesus Christ

The Ministry of the Lord Jesus - Jesus Meets All Men's Needs

4 (Confirmation)

12 years old

The Truth and Experience of God's Salvation


Lessons, hymn singing, crafts and games.

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