Testimonies from the Gospel Move in Sabah (December 22-29, 2019) (1)

Berberkatlah orang yang murni hatinya kerana mereka akan melihat Tuhan!  (Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God!) Thank the Lord for the opportunity to cooperate with Him as He is advancing in Sabah. About 170 saints from various localities in Malaysia participated in propagating the words, especially to the inland and uttermost part of Sabah. Throughout the span of a week, we have contacted 859 contacts who are open or seeking and have baptized 18 saints (Kabu: 1, Saliliran: 3, Kuala Sinapar: 4, Sikalabaan: 3, Sumabi: 4, Mapila: 3). We have also propagated 14 Holy Bible, 33 Wasiat Baru and 984 spiritual books. The church in Petaling Jaya was blessed to have 9 saints who participated in the gospel move this time. Below are some of their testimonies:

Before joining the gospel move, I have attended the BM conference, which not only prepared me to be familiar with BM, but also to fit myself better into the gospel move, to coordinate with the saints in propagating the word of God. I was enlightened to see that I need to be pure in heart, that is, to be single in purpose, having the single goal of accomplishing God’s will for God’s glory. With this, I will be able to coordinate with other members of the Body in a way which matches the desire of God’s heart, thus bringing in God’s blessing. Because of this realization, I have enjoyed the unspeakable joy from the Lord.
I was sent to Kota Marudu this time, with a team of 25 saints. Among these saints, there were 5 local saints who participated full-time, even driving their own car to fetch us into the remote villages to propagate the spiritual books. Some of the villages are actually their birthplace. They are very burdened for their friends and relatives, hoping that they could also know the word of God, to cut straight the word of truth. After the first day, the wife of a brother couldn’t continue in the gospel move as one of their children was sick. The young child, yet to reach a year old, was later on hospitalized as she has breathing difficulties. Yet this brother still continue to go out and will only go to the hospital between the breaks. I was touched. The brother paid the price. The wife paid the price. The child paid the price. The other children at home also paid the price. Among saints who have been saved for years, not many could have given themselves in this way.

Of the five local saints, only one of them is from Kota Marudu; the rest came from a small church in the neighbouring town. Their full-time participation and sacrifice for another church touched me. Their seeing concerning the Body and their practice of the one new man far exceeds mine. After this gospel move, my heart was warmed. Ten year ago, it seemed that we were just giving without reaping any harvest; ten years down the road, the Lord has done such great things! When I see the progress and joy of the saints, I was shepherded beyond words. May the Lord continue to bless, that all of us will grow up into the Head, Christ in all things, out from Him we grow in our function, to do the work of the ministry, practice the new man, so that the Lord could come back quickly. Come, Lord Jesus!