Churching Trip to Northern Peninsular (Nov 4–9, 2018)

We have been privileged with this blessed opportunity to visit the churches in the northern region in Malaysia. In this trip of six days, we have met the saints in Tanjung Malim, Kampar, Taiping, Sungai Petani, Alor Setar, Kangar, Kubang Pasu, Penang, Ipoh, and Cameron Highlands. The saints are not only welcoming; they are also welcoming us for our next visit! Below are some testimonies from the saints:

In the churching trip to the northern area, I saw the situations faced by many small churches. The number of saints is not big, some have slightly more than a dozen, while some even have less than ten. The Lord’s testimony has begun in these places, there is the need for man to coordinate with His going forth, for Christ to gain His enlargement and increase. In certain places without golden lampstand, the students are willing to receive the burden, to prepare gospel love feast weekly in order to gain men. This really encouraged me. When I tried to picture myself in a locality without golden lampstand, I probably won’t be able to survive. Through these the Lord showed me for Him to gain His increase, there is the need for a group of people to cooperate with Him. May the Lord strengthen me to care for God’s need throughout my life, no matter where I am, to give myself to Him.
In this blending to the northern region, I was reminded to become an active person, to pick up the burden actively and have feelings for our locality. Therefore, we should all go out, go out to preach the gospel, beginning from the campus gospel work, to expand our horizons, for the church to gain increase. Furthermore, we should also exercise to live a life according to the highest peak of the divine revelation, to become a person who is prepared to answer the Lord’s call at any time, to become the age-turner.
During the trip to visit the churches in North Malaysia, my view has been greatly widen. I can see that God has an urgent need for His workers to reap the crop. A lot of small churches need serving ones. There are also a lot of places yet to have golden lampstand. Therefore, today we need to pursue and be constituted with the truth, so that we have words to propagate to others.
As we were visiting the smaller localities, I realized that there are much need in these places. Seeing these I thought, oh, there are so many things we should do. We should preach the gospel, we should go door knocking, we should do this and that etc. But on the other hand I also thought, “Why Lord, are the numbers so small? Why did You not bless every locality with a big number to glorify You?”

Then came the messages from the book we pursued throughout the trip. Today, God is seeking for a corporate model. A model of the God-man living. These words left a strong impression in me. We have seen enough of the divine revelation, we have even seen the highest peak of the divine revelation, yet our living is not up to the standard! In other words, we’ve only seen the revelation, but we are not practicing what we have seen. We may have a great number of saints in our localities but what if none of us are models of this living? Our God has been speaking for generations and generations, He has been delayed and delayed but there still isn’t a model, not many are practicing the vision which they have seen, and I am one of them.

I repent for this. “Lord, I’m sorry for being unfaithful, for being deaf, for not taking Your words seriously. But I also thank You Lord for a new beginning, for an opportunity of repentance, and for me to come back to You again to find grace and mercy.” Saints, may the God-man living be our living today to satisfy God, and so that the Lord’s return will not come as a snare upon us.

Although the number of saints in many of the churches we visited are few, they are nevertheless very desirous to have fellowship with us. In this trip we really see the need for the vine to propagate, to branch out, to more places in Malaysia. At the same time, we also pray that every church will be a model that live out the high peak of the divine revelation.