Malaysia Campus Blending Conference (Oct 5–7, 2018)

Praise the Lord, brothers and sisters! The past Malaysia Campus Blending Conference was amazing, enlightening and inspiring to me. I have come to know the three line of truths contained in the Word of God: the central line, line of supplemental points and “the leaves and the branches”. We also need to have a proper understanding of five crucial truths in the Bible: God’s economy, God’s dispensing, the Divine Trinity, the God-man Jesus and the mingling of the divine element and human element of the Lord Jesus and the believers in Christ.

After the conference, I began to realize that God has an economy and I am part of it. As part of the process for God to accomplish His eternal purpose and fulfill His heart desire, we have to co-work with Him to participate in His recovery. Eventually I began to understand what the Lord’s recovery really means. Additionally, I also enjoy the fellowship with the brothers and sisters in Christ. We enjoyed the Lord together by praying and reading the Word together. I also somehow learned how to exercise my spirit, which is crucial in order for us to contact the Lord.

At the same time, I was also touched by the lives of Brother Watchman Nee and Brother Witness Lee who discovered the essence of the divine revelation in the Bible. They were raised by God to be the wise master builders of God to carry out His work in accomplishing His eternal economy. They had set a pattern for us to follow and thus we should participate in spreading the gospel and propagating the divine revelation in the Lord’s recovery to all the nations. I would like to express my gratitude to the Lord and my brothers and sisters for this awakening conference.
In the conference I enjoyed the fellowship concerning Brother Watchman Nee and Brother Witness Lee. I was especially touched by the hymn (#1137) written by Brother Nee. He regarded his sorrows and sufferings circumstance as the opportunities to experience the Lord’s comfort. This exposes my own condition as I come to see how I have lost many opportunities to know and experience the Lord due to my self-love.  O Lord, have mercy on me, that for Thee I would live at all cost, lest on that day, when I see Thee face to face, I would not regret the chances lost.
In this conference I saw that the Lord’s recovery is not an ordinary Christian work. We care for the desire of God’s heart which is revealed in His word. The substance of His word is the Spirit. Whenever we come to His word, we must exercise our spirit to touch the Spirit. We should also be constituted by the central line of the divine revelation. When we speak, we must emphasize and let the central line stand out. I must take the way of constitution in order to receive the divine revelation. I must exercise my spirit to enjoy the word, my mind to understand the word, and to experience the word in my daily living, thereby I am able to propagate the truth. In other words, I need to come to the full knowledge of the truth, the thorough apprehension of the divine truth and grow unto maturity in the spiritual life.

This conference also transfused the divine burden to learn language for the propagation of the word. It was not easy to me as I am not disciplined enough to learn a language systematically. But I could read the Holy Word for Morning Revival in the Malay language as the first step to equip myself with the spiritual terminology!
Brothers and sisters, how blessed it is that I am able to participate in Malaysia Campus Blending Conference. In this conference, I enjoyed that the truth which we have received should become our experience and this experience will become the genuine life supply to others. The truth is the revelation of the living God and His economy, it should become the controlling factor in our living. When we receive the truth and allow the word of God to be absorbed into our being organically, the intrinsic element of the divine revelation will be wrought and constituted into our being, then we will be able to propagate the word of God in our daily living. Thank the Lord, through these words, the Lord has enlarged my capacity, I read the Bible, pursue and read the spiritual publications even more and go out for gospel preaching. These practices are no longer burdensome but an enjoyment to me! Praise the Lord, may we all become the propagators of the divine truth!