Sabah Churches Visitation (January 16–22, 2019)

Thank the Lord! In January this year, 12 saints from the church in Petaling Jaya have visited Sabah. We went to a few places, namely Kudat, Pitas, Kota Marudu, Ranau, Tenom, Sipitang, Labuan, Beaufort, Kuala Penyu, Keningau and Kota Kinabalu. The Lord has spoken to us through the saints and churches in this trip. We have the opportunity to revisit the new ones who had been contacted after the gospel move to have home meetings with them, we also joined the group meeting of the local saints and learn to enter and speak the word of God together. We even went to the morning market (Tamu) to propagate spiritual books! Praise the Lord, He has opened our eyes to show us His move and how we can cooperate with His move.  Below are the testimonies from some of the saints:

“O Man, where are you?” This is the calling of the Lord. In this visitation trip, I saw the need of the work of Lord in Sabah; He needs men to go forth to preach the gospel and shepherd others for the building up of His Body. Even though Sabah is a relatively poor state and transportation is not so convenient, yet there is a group of saints who are there, forsaking their future, family and everything to answer the calling of the Lord to serve and labor to Him faithfully, living by faith. The Lord exposed me for caring more of my own interest instead of His and often would not submit to His will, but would wrestle with Him and have much hesitation. However, this group of saints have truly encouraged me, they have showed me how to present myself to the Lord, overcome every environment through His power and stand in His grace. I am willing to exercise to have the upper room consecration and to present my whole life to Him, to become His stepping stone.
Thank the Lord, I can come to Sabah and visit the churches. In this trip, I enjoyed that wherever we are, the kingdom of God should spread out, language and race will not become a hindrance; as long as we are willing, the gospel can be preached to every place. When I met the native saints in Sabah, I was deeply touched and felt that the Lord has indeed blessed them. Despite their number being few and are living in small places, they are still willing to stand firm for the Lord, and there are many faithful saints who will shepherd and visit them consistently. I also treasure the sharing and testimony of the brothers and sisters who have migrated to Sabah. When I see how they were willing to let go of better job offer to come to some small localities in Sabah, I realized that we need to pay the price to work for the Lord. How we need to pray and offer ourselves for the spreading of the gospel!
Thank the Lord for it was His mercy that I could participate in the blending this time. Throughout this trip, we have visited seven churches. Despite the tight schedule, I really treasure seeing the golden lampstands of the Lord in many places of Sabah. What impressed me the most were the church in Pitas; we went to the house of the native saints, they are very simple and loving the Lord. At night, we pursued the Holy Word for Morning Revival concerning the kingdom of God being Christ Himself as the seed of life growing in us and will develop into the kingdom of God, of which we are. The sharing from the saints were very rich, I can tell it is because they have been enjoying the Lord consistently for some time and Christ has been constituted into them. I treasure seeing the move of the Lord in Pitas. In this blending trip, the Lord has also spoken to me, our Christian life is not an individual life; we need to have the same and single goal—Christ. Our pursuit is not for our own enjoyment or personal growth in life, but to build up the Body of Christ together, to become the corporate new man, awaiting the coming of the Lord.
“We are not here to see that we are able, but we are here to see that we are not able.” I am really comforted by this word because I always see the saints who are serving in Sabah to be extra “strong” or fearless. But a sister mentioned that she, too, is weak and faces struggles. Hence I see that it really isn’t what we can do for the Lord, rather it’s of His mercy, our consecration to Him, and how much have we being trained. Without the Lord we are all “useless”, yet He chose us and is making us useful. Who are we to deserve this? We can only praise Him for His mercy!
Praise the Lord! I really thanked the Lord for His mercy that I can be part of this churching trip. Throughout the trip my seeing of the Body of Christ has been enlarged. Before this, I have heard a lot of truths concerning how the Body needs to be our focus, how we need to be for the Body. I understood it doctrinally but I have never really fully apprehend what does it really mean. Through this churching trip, the Lord has brought me to experience and see subjectively the Body of Christ.
Through the serving saints’ sharing and the visitations to the saints’ home, I see that our living, our enjoyment of Christ and our pursuit of the maturity in life should all be for the Body. The kingdom of God needs to be spread and propagated. The divine life that is in us needs to be propagated. The Body of Christ needs to be built up. This is the Lord’s desire. This is His need and it should be the focus and center of our living.
I was really touched by the testimonies of the migrating saints, how absolute they are in their consecration before the Lord. They are willing to put aside everything and give the Lord the utmost cooperation in carrying out His will.
I believe that it is the Lord’s mercy for me to be part of this trip as I am already in the final year of my studies. I now know what kind of prayer I should pray to the Lord and the direction of my life upon graduation. In this trip, I had renewed my consecration to Lord, to offer up myself wholly for His purpose and to join the full-time training. Praise the Lord for His grace and mercies!
Praise the Lord that He placed me in this trip. At first I didn’t really want to join, but a small part of me believes that I will somehow touch the Lord there, at least a little. Throughout this trip, I got to hear about the testimony of the saints who migrated there for the Lord’s need. I was really touched by how much they cared for the Lord’s need, and how much they depended on the Lord in everything they do. I also saw how much the native saints long and enjoy the word. Maybe the standard of their living may not be as advanced as us, yet their spiritual insight and growth was on par. This shows me that it’s not the outward things that matter, but the inward reality. I really thank the Lord for giving me this opportunity to blend with the saints in Sabah and to see things in a different perspective.

We are in the continuation of the book of Acts, writing the divine history in human history. Praise the Lord for the His move in Malaysia! Especially in the land of Sabah, His move is quick because there is a group of people who is one with the energizing Triune God in the principle of incarnation, cooperating with Him in His move. How about us, the young man in God’s plan? We bear the responsibility to fulfil what the Lord wants on earth. This group of people needs to pay a price, even the price of their lives, to participate in the upper room consecration. This is not an ordinary consecration, but a specific and extraordinary consecration. This consecration is a turning point. It is a small number who came to the upper room to be burned, then they turned the world upside down and change the age. Without this group of people willing to enter into the upper room for the Lord and His gospel, then nothing would happen.