Campus Outing 2018

On September 15-17, 2018, there was a campus outing for the campus saints in Petaling Jaya. We went to the hot spring at Janda Baik, visited Colmar Tropicale at Bukit Tinggi and stayed in Genting Permai Resort. As it was the first week of the new semester in University Malaya, some of our new sisters in UM went with us and one of their friends was baptized along the way! Glory to God! We had two sessions of fellowship concerning the central work of God and how we need to become an open vessel, with a new spirit and a new heart, allowing God to work more of Himself into us daily. Below are some testimonies from the saints:

Thank the Lord, I was baptized into the name of the Lord on September 15 at the hot spring while we were on our way to Genting for blending. It was wonderful and touching as I saw the brothers and sisters praying and feeling joyful for me. I enjoyed the word of God very much during the meeting, I get to know God even more, thus drawn closer to Him. I treasure the blending with the brothers and sisters, the mutual sharing and mutual love. Being together with the saints made me so joyful. I felt very at home in this new and big family and we are all children of God, being shown mercy by God. Gradually, I am learning how to pray and read the Bible. The sisters are always around to help me, remind me and take care of me. In the future I will continue to live a strong church life, drawing closer to God each day.
Thank the Lord that through this blending, He showed me that we are vessels made to receive His dispensing. Although I’ve been in the church life for many years, I often forget that I am a vessel to contain God. I do many things outwardly, most of the time not as a vessel, but as a tool. This is why I feel dry when I preach the gospel and when I visit the new ones, because I do not have the supply flowing within me. Hence, praise the Lord for giving me a new beginning, to turn back to Him and to enjoy His dispensing as a vessel of mercy!
I enjoyed that we are all vessels of mercy. The fact that we are still in the church life is actually the mercy from God. Every morning we need to open ourselves to receive fresh and new mercies from the Lord. I also enjoy that we need to be poor in spirit. Whenever we come before the Lord, we need to empty ourselves and be humble before Him to receive new revelation, speaking and life from the Lord. Amen!
It was God’s mercy which enabled me to join the blending this time. From Romans 9:23, we know that we are vessels of mercy. I was helped from the sharing of our brother to see how God has been merciful to us. Even though God has shown His mercy upon us, we still need to make the decision to receive Him. Therefore, we need to be open to receive His mercy, then we will have the opportunity to be filled by Him. Furthermore, we should also redeem our time for the days are evil. In our daily living, we need to seize opportunities and not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. By God’s mercy, I have also begun to read the Bible and spiritual publications. In these evil days, I want to receive mercy from God constantly, then the Lord will have the opportunity to make me a vessel expressing the riches of His glory.
Thank the God, His mercy cause us to come together. I treasured the time spent with the saints especially in singing hymns and feasting on the word. Deut. 8:10 mentions that we shall eat and be satisfied! Besides establishing a personal relationship with the Lord, I appreciate the opportunities we have to enjoy His word with all the members in the Body. Truly it is His grace and mercy for preserving us in the church life through the love of God in the saints! May we as vessels of mercy become vessels unto honour, sanctified, useful to the master, prepared unto every good work!