Blending Trip to Korea

On September 15-23, 2018, there was a blending trip to Korea for the young working saints in Petaling Jaya. Throughout a span of 9 days, we visited 8 churches in Korea, consisting of Seoul, Goyang, Uijeongbu, Gwacheon, Busan, Ulsan, Yeongcheon and Gyeongju. We were warmly welcomed by the saints at each locality, and richly supplied by their portion of Christ. Every night we have overflow meetings to testify our enjoyment of Christ to the local saints. We witnessed how this flow overcome in each one of us, even our gospel friend also stood up to speak for God and speak forth Christ! The followings are some of the testimonies from the saints—“and the half has never yet been told!”:

One of the locality which we had visited during the blending trip was the Church in Goyang, which was situated near the border of North Korea and South Korea. We were told that if North Korea were to open up one day, the Church in Goyang will be the gospel station for the gospel work to be carried out in North Korea. The local saints hope we will bring this burden to each locality, to intercede for the Church in Goyang and for gospel to reach North Korea. May the Lord bless the Church in Goyang and gain North Korea.
We need to come out of our comfort zone to blend with the saints from different nationality. It is very refreshing, encouraging, strengthening and I was perfected throughout the trip. Having seen how the saints received us into their homes, it left a very deep impression on me. I sensed real love coming into my hearts to see that there are saints who love the Lord so much—they are utterly spent.
I experience the oneness of the Body through the sweet fellowship with the saints in Korea throughout the trip, and even among us, we were truly filled with joy. Truly God is the energizing fire that is burning in all of us.
Throughout the journey we were singing hymns on the bus while traveling from one locality to another. I enjoyed the hymn singings with all the saints at each localities that we visited in Korea. What a glorious church life!
Blending is not a matter of outward enjoyments but to minister Christ into people by the cross, through the Spirit, for the building up of the Body of Christ. I was encouraged to see how the saints longed for fellowship with us, to be supplied with the Christ in us. This blending harmonizes us, adjusts us, regulates us, and tempers us to keep the oneness of the Body of Christ. Even though the blending has ended, we can still pay the price to blend with the saints around us, to follow the Spirit, to minister Christ for the benefit of the Body.
Praise and thank the Lord for the blending trip to Korea! The Lord’s strong presence was with us throughout the trip. There were good coordination wherever we go and much mutual shepherding among the saints. We were tired physically due to the schedule, but inwardly we were thoroughly cherished.
Praise the Lord for His blessing! Through this blending, a lost sheep has been recovered, our gospel friend has become more open to us and all of us are more blended into one! I was touched by the love of the saints in Korea. Even with the language barrier, they still long for more fellowship with us. In many matters they are patterns for me to learn.
Our God is a blending God. We cannot be blended apart from Him. The issue of such blending is the genuine oneness in the Triune God. Throughout these ten days, in eight localities, we were under the divine dispensing of the Triune God, daily and hourly. Such a joy it is to become a channel to outflow the flowing Triune God and a dispensational instrument to participate in the building of the church. May the Lord gain His corporate bride in this age through much blending.