Campus Blending to Kluang (October 26–28, 2019)

In this blending, I see that our living must be related to God’s eternal economy, otherwise we will not be joyful. Christ must become the principle by which we live. I was reminded that if I do spiritual things in my old man, in my soul, I will fail. In the past I often ask others on how to resolve my spiritual failure; now I have come to know that as long as I turn to the Lord, oil (Holy Spirit) and wine (God’s life) will come to supply me. After going back, I want to exercise to separate my time in my daily living to the Lord, pursue spiritual publications with my companions, have corporate morning revival and prayer. I also began to have personal time of prayer,desiring to build up personal and affectionate relationship with the Lord. Our living must be related to this divine revelation in order to live a life which is according God’s heart’s desire.
Through the fellowship, I realized that there are two things which can never be overdone, which is loving the Lord and exercising our spirit. When we love the Lord, this love will equip us with the willingness and give us the strength to cooperate with Him for His heart’s desire. Just like how couples are willing to do something for each other out of love. Secondly, I am again reminded to constantly exercise my spirit and one of the indispensable practices is to have morning revival! The first thing I want to do in the morning is to contact the Lord by exercising my spirit to enjoy Him as life.